Deepening your faith can be a daunting journey, especially as a catholic man. In a world where anyone can publish any content they please without oversight, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify what will aid you in your journey, and what may inadvertently lead you astray.

To help combat this issue, the Kingston Men’s Ministry has compiled several lists of high quality resources that we think will help you on your spiritual journey. Each of these resources has been suggested by a member of the community and has had some impact on them personally, either as a Christian, a Man, a Father or some combination of all three. Please look through these resources






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Have you come across a resource that has helped you live out your faith has a Catholic man? Do you have of a resource you would like to share that has helped you through some of your own struggles in faith? Have you found a website, podcast, book, group, or other form of medium which strongly captures Catholic teachings and morality that you think would help strengthen men in their faith? If so, then we would love to hear from you with your suggestion!

The lists provided above rely on the support of the members of the Kingston Men’s Ministry to help identify relevant, high quality resources to point each other to. If you would like to share a resource you know of, whether it is a podcast, a book, a website, a movie, or something else entirely, then please fill out the form below.

Please note, all resources will be screened prior to being published.

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